I love trying different kinds of food so when one of my coworkers (who’s Armenian) told me about this Armenian restaurant that opened up, I immediately saved it on google maps. This feature comes in handy especially when you’re trying to make last minute dinner plans with your sister and her family. I really wanted to pick a place nearby but obviously good as well. Luckily I got last minute reservations at Mayrik and the staff was really nice and accommodating. I immediately started plotting my visit by researching ahead of time – by research I mean asking my coworker what items she ordered and liked.

Mayrik serves fusion-like Armenian food in a family style where it is encouraged to order with the intent of sharing dishes. We had the opportunity to speak to one of the owners and he described that these dishes, although they may not be truly traditional to the Armenian cuisine, were the dishes that they ate growing up which defined their meaning of Armenian food.

We started off with the mante. Coming from a Chinese culture, when someone describes something with the word “dumpling”, you immediately have my attention. This dumpling-like dish is made out of a thin bread-like wrap that pockets meatballs inside with a heavenly garlic sauce on top seasoned with mint and parsley. It’s served nice and hot so we made sure we devoured it all before it got cold.

Who knew you can make brussel sprouts look so pretty and taste good? I will admit that I did get distracted by the plant shoots adorned on top but there was a yoghurt-like dip that gave it a mediterranean touch. The pomegranates were a great addition as it balanced out the smokey flavour with a refreshing taste. Now if only I could make my brussel sprouts taste this good…

My coworker and I (and as do many other members of our department) have this love for fried potatoes so naturally when she told me that I had to get the potatoes, I instinctively went for that choice. Even when she was describing how it was topped with za’atar aioli, we were both salivating at the very thought. As described, they were nice and crispy on the outside but soft on the inside – I could not get enough of that za’atar aioli which was evident from how I smeared it on all the sides of each potato that I ate. You can’t let go things go to waste!

We got the grilled chicken and the lamb chops as our mains. The chicken skin was nice and crispy on the outside yet still leaving the meat moist on the inside. It was served with cauliflower soaked in some sort of red vinegar which gave it a contrasting sour taste. Even my nephew who is normally a picky eater was gobbling this up as my sister shredded mini pieces for him. I usually like a good lamb chop and this was no exception. For those of you who aren’t fans of lamb, you wouldn’t even know that it was lamb when you bite into the nice and juicy chops because of the yoghurt and charmoula, giving it worldly flavours.

My sister and I love baklava. Proof of it was when we were in Jordan, we tried the baklava from Habibah sweets and loved it so much that we brought 2kg of it back home to “share” with our friends and families. So naturally when we saw it as a option under the dessert menu, we had to get it despite being so full (we also kept referring to it throughout our meal). This one was served warm which brought out the aromas of the nuts, leaving a mild bitter-like aftertaste which blended well with the super light whipped cream on top, setting it apart from other baklava I’ve had.

We really enjoyed all the dishes we ordered and I’m glad I took the chance on the early reservations. It turned out to be the perfect hour for the little one. This restaurant reminded my sister of the typical restaurants she would frequent in the Ossington area when she used to live in the heart of King West. It has been quite the change from when she could once easily access a plethora of restaurants where now her options has been drastically reduced to a local pub. This place reminded her of her old life so she was extremely happy to add this restaurant to her roster of options in the area.

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