Fukui-ng Good Sushi

One of my friends was raving about a Japanese restaurant he recently went to called Fukui Sushi and we had a few birthdays to celebrate, so it was the perfect excuse to go check it out. Normally it’s my best friend or myself who usually recommends a restaurant but the tables were turned this time around where it was our friend recommending everything. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop us from practically ordering the entire menu.

Spicy Salmon Bomb
Spicy Salmon Bomb

We started off with the spicy salmon bomb which is a mixture of seared bits of salmon with tobiko on top. Seaweed is provided on the side giving you the option of rolling it into a mini hand roll. The mixture of sauces gave it the perfect amount of flavour and seasoning so no additional soy sauce was required.

Flashed Smoked Salmon

If I’m going to a restaurant for the first time, I usually creep “research” on Instagram to see what’s popular or what dishes look good – this was how I came across the flashed smoked salmon. Essentially there are seared pieces of salmon trapped underneath a cloud of smoke in a fish bowl, smoking the salmon just enough. We couldn’t help but gobble this one up. It was one of my favourite dishes from the night.

Top left corner: Nasu Dengaku (grilled eggplant with Dengaku Miso)

I really like eating eggplant but for some reason my entire family hates it so I rarely ever get the opportunity to eat it. Luckily enough, most of friends don’t mind it so we ordered the Nadu Dengaku, which is grilled eggplant. This dish had a surprisingly sweet taste to it because of the Dengaku Miso drizzled on top.

Assorted Su Sunomono

I don’t usually order salads at restaurants because it’s typically the lettuce or seaweed salad appetizers offered. We tried the sunomono salad which is a mixture of ingredients marinated in rice vinegar – the one that consisted of soba noodles and sashimi caught our attention. It was different but I would only order it if it was your first time having it or need something to hold your appetite until the other dishes arrive.

Beef Sashimi
Beef Sashimi

One of the waiters accidentally brought a plate of beef shashimi to our table but it was meant for another table. It was one of those moments where you see something another customer ordered and you look to your friends for confirmation before saying “let’s order that” in sychronation. The slices of beef was cooked to a nice medium rare, bathed in a pool of sauce, and topped with green onion, garlic and chili.

Scallopmon Roll
Scallopmon Roll

I believe it was a picture of the scallopmon roll that my friend shared with the group chat that triggered a series of “yes”, let’s go to Fukui Sushi based on that roll alone. And to be honest, it was a great reason – it has everything any sushi lover would enjoy in a roll. It consists of shrimp tempura, avocado, salmon roe, topped off with seared pieces of scallops and salmon! Need I say more? Just order the roll. Maybe two…

Eglinton Roll
Eglinton Roll

Next was the Eglinton Roll. Fukui Sushi is located on Bayview Avenue, just south of Eglinton Avenue, so my guess is that the name behind this roll is a small tribute to the community it operates in. Although it looks like any regular roll, it contained pieces of crispy salmon skin distinguishing it from traditional rolls. There was a delightful crunchiness to it when you bite into it – it’s like what they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Bayview Roll
Bayview Roll

Soft shell crab? Yes. Cucumbers? Yes. Imitation Crab? Yes. But honestly, you had me at soft shell crab anyway so that’s a yes from me in favour of ordering the Bayview roll. I had soft shell crab for the first time approximately 3 years ago and I was surprised that it took me that long to try it. I really like crab but there’s so much work and effort to get to the meat. At least with soft shell crab, you can just eat it all. So imagine combining soft shell crab with sushi in a roll format, that’s a win if you asked me.

Assorted Sashimi Platter
Assorted Sashimi Platter (38 pcs.)

Now, you can’t go to a Japanese restaurant without ordering a Sashimi Platter (we opted for a boat due to our larger group number). The sashimi was fresh for Toronto and I even had some mackerel (even though I normally find it really fishy but this was not the case). The presentation was definitely on point as the chef carried the boat over to our table at the patio in the back.

Not pictured and honourable mentions include the Unagi Don, Toro Negi Maki, and Nabeyaki Udon.

Overall I had a great time at Fukui Sushi and it surprisingly exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately they were sold out of the fried oysters – at least now I have an excuse to go back to this hidden gem that is Fukui Sushi.

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