Ice Cream Weather

Ice Cream Weather



  • acceptable weather conditions permitting the consumption of ice cream
  • ideally not under – 30 degrees Celsius

I love ice cream. I could have eaten an entire cow, complain about how full I am but the moment someone mentions the words ice cream, my eyes turn into the eyeball emoji, the stars align, and miraculously I have room for dessert. My justification is that ice cream fills in the cracks leftover by the food in your stomach.

I have a mental map of ice cream places around Toronto and the GTA in my head to maximize any ice cream consumption opportunity but here are a few of my favourites:

Bang Bang Ice Cream
Key Lime Pie and Ginger Milk Ice Cream sandwiched between an Everything and Birthday Cookie

Bang Bang Ice Cream

There was one summer where I literally visited Bang Bang Ice Cream every single weekend. Eventually I learned that they had some sort of loyalty program where if you get 10 ice creams, the 11th is free, I was kind of bummed out because I missed out on all the previous times. I think the guy working cash at the time was sympathetic and stamped the card 6 extra times for me. I guess guardian ice cream angels exist after all!

What makes Bang Bang so amazing is their variety of unique ice cream flavours. My favourites include: London Fog (Earl Grey), Ginger Milk, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Corn (surprisingly really good). Deciding on which flavours to get is the hardest part and then comes what kind of style you want it, on a cone or in a sandwich. The ice cream can be sandwiched between their cookies, cream puffs, or egg waffles freshly baked every day. Tip: if you’re an opportunist like me and like to maximize trying as many flavours as possible, grab a friend to share a full ice cream sandwich, you can select two different cookies and two different ice cream flavours, and bam, it’s like two ice cream sandwiches in one.

Fugo Desserts
Cookie Monster Ice Cream Cone

Fugo Desserts

The first time I tried an ice cream cone from Fugo, I swear I was smiling the entire time and I usually have RBF (Resting B!tch Face). A word of discretion, I have a sweet tooth so this place may not be for everyone. Not only are the ice cream designs unique and photogenic, I come here for the ice cream cones. That’s right, the cones. What’s great about their cones is that they are waffle cones with marshmallow at the top that doubles as an adhesive for the cookie bits to stick onto.  Best use of marshmallow if you asked me.

La Diperie
Small dipped in Key Lime Pie topped with Pistaschios

La Diperie

Oh man, I don’t even know where to start describing how much I enjoy going to La Diperie. They offer soft serve ice cream dipped in unique chocolate flavours with over 17 toppings to choose from. The hardest part is choosing the combination of chocolate dips (such as praline hazelnut, honey lavender, spicy chocolate) and toppings (such as almonds, peanuts, pistachios, pretzels, oreo bits) because you are plagued by a large variety of options – if only all hard decisions in life were as sweet as this. Luckily enough it took no convincing whatsoever for my mom and sister to tag along, the more the merrier right? Because of my long standing eating habits, my family has the tendency of volunteering me to order on their behalf so I ended up selecting the following combinations: honey lavender + pecan, praline hazelnut + almonds, key lime pie + pistachios. There’s honestly no wrong combination here, all the flavours and toppings surprisingly mesh well with each other.

Matcha Swirl Ice Cream Cone


Not depicted is my laboured best friend patiently waiting for me to take a picture of our matcha soft serve before she can eat it.

I love matcha anything and ever since Tsujiri opened up in Toronto last year, it was god send. It took me back to the time I was in Japan where I literally ate my way through the streets of Tokyo. Tsujiri is famous for their matcha infused teas, ice creams and desserts. My go to is the matcha soft serve, it’s nice and creamy with an option of all matcha or a swirl.

Eva's Original Chimneys
The O.G

Eva’s Original Chimneys

When I found out that Toronto was going to get chimney cones, I was excited because I was already going through vacation withdrawal. I had just returned from Prague where I had trdelnik, which is a pastry dough wrapped around a stick that’s baked and then rolled in cinnamon sugar, the end product resembles a chimney. I remembered that the store owner serving me had said “see you tomorrow” when he handed the trdelnik over – unfortunately I was unable to keep this promise because I had to fly out the very next day. The chimney cones at Eva’s Original Chimneys was just as good and definitely hit the spot, I mean, you can’t go wrong with Nutella, fruits and soft serve ice cream…

Wooffles & Cream
The Strawberry Shortcake

Wooffles & Cream

Everytime I catch a whiff of an egg waffle aroma while walking through a Chinese mall, I will follow my nose like Toucan Sam to the source. At Wooffles & Cream, they take the egg waffle to the next level by pairing soft serve ice cream with it. They have a variety of soft serve flavours including vanilla, matcha and sometimes black sesame but what makes this place interesting is their take on the traditional egg waffle. They add ingredients such as black sesame, peanuts or chocolate chips which gives an otherwise rather plain egg waffle, flavour. I love to play with my food – you can easily break off pieces of the egg waffle (the way it’s traditionally consumed) and dip it into the soft serve, making it easy to share, although, once you try it, you can’t be too sure that you’ll be willing to share anymore.

Ice Cream Taco


Oddly enough Booyah combines two of my favourite foods, tacos and ice cream to create a taco ice cream love child. Their waffle cones are in the shape of a taco which houses scopes of ice cream while allowing room for two toppings and a sauce to complete the madness. Similar to an experience of eating tacos, it gets messy so it’s hard to be elegant about it. But don’t let that deter you, at the end of the day it’s still ice cream, just in a different shape.

Home Baking Co
Lemon Meringue Ice Cream with a Ginger Cookie and Vegan Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream with a Raisin Cookie

Home Baking Co.

My friend and I were art gallery hoping in the area and she saw a couple enjoying an ice cream sandwich. It was a gorgeous summer day so we made it a mission to find the shop serving ice cream sandwiches. After researching on Yelp, 20 minutes later we arrived at Home Baking Co. HomI would describe this place as an unpretentious version of Bang Bang Ice Cream with a smaller selection and no line ups. It was such a small and charming cafe that had gluten free options for ice cream, cookies and other baked goods (including this banana pudding I got distracted by). I had decided on the lemon meringue flavour sandwiched between a ginger cookie which turned out to be a nice and refreshing choice.

Toast Delight
Egg Waffle with Green Tea and Black Sesame Ice Cream

Toast Delight

Toast Delight is another place in Markham that offers an egg waffle and ice cream combination. They have a variety of Asian flavoured ice cream including green tea, black sesame, and HK milk tea which perfectly complements the egg waffle. Also, I like my egg waffles on the crispier side while soft on the inside which is what this place does right.

Matcha and Black Sesame Swirl


Similar to Tsujiri, this place serves asian influenced dessert drinks and soft serve. What I like about Tendou is that they offer a sesame soft serve flavour – it has been a mission of mine to find a place with good black sesame ice cream. Being the opportunist that I am, I went for a swirl of the matcha and black sesame flavour. You definitely taste the black sesame flavour which can overpower the matcha flavour. Overall, I think it’s another great option when you’re in the Markham area.

The hunt for ice cream never ends, places next on my radar: Roselle, Hollywood Cone, Ihalo Krunch.


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